Some of Will Spins allies and good friends. All are pioneers in their respected fields and their futures look bright.

Japan Crew:

Drum and Bass/Turnablism

Favourite DJ: DJ Craze

8Noize is the head honcho of Creme. With a background in turntablism he brings some mad skills to the D and B camp.

Next events:
RIDE at Creme every 4th Saturday.

Also check: www.creme.jp

MC Grinder aka Graindar
Drum and Bass

Favourite DJ: Will Spin

An MC to watch, Grinder is Will Spin's partner in crime.

With a hip hop background Grinder is a crowd pleaser who keeps the rhyming at the right level. His quality rather than quantity attitude compliments Will's DJ style.

DJ Keisuke
Drum and Bass

Favourite DJ: T-AK

DJ Keisuke was a turntablist legend but when he heard the unique sound of D and B he was compelled to turn to the dark side.

He still likes to scratch and play with Drum and Bass and uses the cool final scratch system to play and manipulate the latest tunes.

DJ Akakabe

A supreme scratch DJ. One of the best in the world. He has one an armful of awards including the DMC 2004 world battle champion!
One of two Asians to ever win the DMC crown!

Owner of Creme he is personally trying to boost the music scene in Japan's smaller cities.

MC Aoi
Drum and Bass/Reggae

Despite her size MC Aoi has a fantastic voice and has a powerful stage presence. She keeps pace, sprinkling beautiful melodies over Will Spin's banging tunes.

She also works well with MC Grinder, like Ying and Yang they balance each over creating total harmony.

DJ Mar
Drum and Bass

A new Ride resident who plays a mixture of old and new.


DJ Katsukura
Liquid Drum and Bass

Another important Ride regular and a key organiser of the Ride night at Creme.


MC Maxim
Drum and Bass

Always having fun and joking around, Maxim gives the party a happy vibe.


UK Crew:

Tom West
Intelligent Drum and Bass

Favourite DJ: LTJ Bukem

This guy is probably the smoothest blender Ive ever heard. Bukem watch out, this guy is a perfectionist.
Next events:
Competition Winner!

Check out his mixes:

Le Phunk Cartel
Various Eclectic

Favourite DJ: Quantic

The man with a plan. A determined DJ who can entertain a crowd in a fine style.

Who knows what tunes he'll play but rest assured it'll be good.

Banging Drum and Bass

Favourite DJ: Andy C

A long term ally in pushing the rougher style of Drum and Bass.

Catch his sets on UK rumble Monday 22:30hrs-00:00hrs: http://www.ukrumble.com/



Oliver Sudden
Avant Garde Techno

Favourite Producers: Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert.

A future hero of Techno. He can create some unbelieveble sounds and has a unique production style.

Watch this space!

If you are interested in booking Will Spin or any of the crew, send an E-mail to will@willspin.com. You won't regret it.

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