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This article is taken from "JetFuel" March 2005.
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Breakbeat and Enter
Superstar DJ Attacked By Obsessed Fan

by Sam Baldwin

In an exclusive interview with JET Fuel Magazine, international drum and bass DJ Will Spin has revealed how he was attacked in his own home by a crazed Japanese man only last month. The English born DJ who is renowned for playing some of the world's most obese bass lines at his monthly event at Crème night club was attacked in broad daylight at his home studio, in Sabae.

“I was just dropin' some phat beats from a limited edition 12 inch, when I heard a bang at the door” said Spin, “the next thing I knew, a man who appeared to be filled with berserk rage had entered my studio”.

DJ Spin, who has taken his brand of drum and bass across the globe, having played in bars and clubs in such far flung locations as London, Thailand, the Philippines, and Spalding, was taken by surprise by the home invader who is reported to have laid into Spin's decks before attacking the DJ himself.

“If he'd wanted a go on my decks, he could have just asked”, said Spin, always quick to make light of a bad situation, but joking aside, he recalls the incident was not at all amusing at the time.

“When he failed to remove his shoes, I knew there was going to be trouble” recalled Spin. “He then grabbed my decks and attempted to hurl them to the ground”. But Spin, who wasn't about to let his pair of SL1200 Mark 3D Technics go down without a fight, leapt valiantly to the rescue, preventing the destruction of the mixing equipment. The attacker then went to work on Spin himself, unloading a series of punches and kicks to Spins head and torso.

However, Spin, who is known to have a nifty upper cut, gave as good as he got. “You scratch my vinyl, I'll scratch yours.” he said, as he recalled deflecting the majority of the blows, and landing several back on the assailant. He them managed to force the attacker out of the door, but not before the man landed a final reverse donkey kick to Spins groin, narrowly missing his meat and two veg.

Although shaken, Spin emerged unhurt from the ordeal. Sometime later, five police officers attended the scene, having captured the attacker, but after several hours of broken questioning, Spin decided against pressing charges.

Attacks from crazed drum and bass fans such as this are normally foiled by Spins right hand man, MC Grinder. The muscle bound MC, who often waxes lyrical over Spins bass lines also acts as a body guard for the DJ, but at the time of the incident he was training at a local “Fight Club” style underground boxing ring, run by a Brazilian syndicate.

“If I'd been there, I would have bust his ass up real good” said Grinder, who also goes by the name Mitch, “but I've taught Spin some moves, and it seems to have paid off”.

The motives for the attack are not fully understood. It is thought the man lives locally, and may have been driven insane by the constant beats that Spin's ten thousand giga-watt sound system spits out, but girlfriend Emily Richardson believes there's more to it.

“I've met his fans at gigs, and some are a little crazy in the coconut. I just thank the Lord that the old meat and two veg were unharmed”.

Indeed, Spins fleet of sports cars and luck with the ladies would be enough to drive any man insane with jealousy. Spin has become so successful in the music world, that he is currently running a competition on his website to give away his Hummer all terrain vehicle. “ One of my fans will get a lot more pleasure out of it than I do."

The incident has sparked overwhelming support for Spin from fans and other local stars. J-Doggy Doo Daa, the Fukui hip hop star and former crime lord who hit the headlines last month after being falsely accused of holding hands with a girl, sympathised with his fellow celebrity.

“People think it's all just sipping champagne with hot bitches in bikinis. Mostly it is, but occasionally we have to deal with these fruit loops too” mused the rap star, who is also know as Jon Schwab. “I would've popped a cap in his ass. Word.”

The attack has raised concerns that this form of music may be too powerful for the Japanese ear. “Drum and bass is a relatively new phenomenon in Japan, and it's possible that the Japanese may not be genetically equipped with the necessary auditory organs to process the musical information properly. Put in simple terms, it's conceivable that my tunes are so phat, it drives them to madness and beyond” theorised Spin.

Though there's scant scientific evidence for this, Spin could be on to something. At a recent gig, several young Japanese fans were forced to leave early, after dancing to exhaustion, apparently unable to handle the enormous bass lines that the DJ was serving at the time.

However, Spin assures fans that none of his thousand plus record collection were damaged in the attack, and despite the ever present danger that faces drum and bass DJ's today, he vowed to continue to play beats bigger than Fuji at Crème every 4 th Saturday of the month.

For more information on DJ Will Spin's forthcoming events and a chance to win his Hummer vehicle check www.willspin.com

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