June 22nd "Mash Up" Part 6 @ Noon, Osaka

June 24th "Here's yellow sand in your face" Emi Birthday special @ Oasis, Osaka

June 25th "Tropicana" @ Zerro, Osaka
Chilled Sundays with Monkey, DON'T PANYK and Will Spin.

Here are venues where Will Spin has ripped the roof off. Luckily they were properly insured!
Click the links for some event photos.

The Drum, the N and the Bass@Zerro pictures soon
I'll Sleep when I'm Dead @ Oasis lounge see pictures
RIDE, November, with Kireek see pictures
Rinse Out Release @ Flamingo Records see pictures
RIDE, June with DJ Keisuke and MC Aoi see pictures and listen to the mix
Interview with Andy C @ Triangle see pictures
Butter bar, Japan see pictures
RIDE, February, Creme, Japan see pictures

RIDE, Launch night, Creme, Japan see pictures
Hey Jude, Boracay, Philippines see pictures
Funky Fresh Remix, Creme,
Japan see pictures
Creme, Japan see pictures
Wicked Session, Heaven, Japan see pictures
Creme, Japan see pictures
Alex's Sayonara Party, UFO, Japan see pictures
San In Beach Party, Tottori, Japan see pictures
Big Tings: The Return, Nana Iro, Japan see pictures
Creme, Japan see pictures
Big Tings, Nana Iro, Japan see pictures
Bar Orchid, Koh Pangnan, Thailand see pictures
Monkeychews, London
Nudge Bar, London- Residency see pictures
Hemmo's, Melbourne
As DJ Soundwave
The Great Divide @ The Bomb, Nottingham see pictures
The Trent Student Union, Nottingham- Won Gemini DJ competition
The Market Bar, Nottingham
Fly FM, presenter/DJ
Beatroot, Nottingham
Indigo, Nottingham
The Lenton, Nottingham
Templars bar, Nottingham
The Boulevard, Nottingham- Residency
Big Tings, Spalding- Residency
The Poacher, Spalding
The Punchbowl, Spalding
Field Gathering, Spalding

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