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@ Tottori, Japan 19/06/04


Day 1: Will Spin was chauffeur driven to the venue in a big, black people carrier with his crew. It was touch and go whether he would make the allocated 1 o'clock slot but the driver aka Easy Chris did his best and delivered Will to the decks with minutes to spare. A true professional. Will stepped up to the decks on what was supposed to be an easy Friday night warm up. Think again.

One slight hiccup was the lack of needles on the tables. Luckily an American DJ begrudgingly lent Will his personal needles. Its never wise to share needles but in this case it was a necessity! So big up Mike (who finished his set with Culture Club) you're a life saver.

Will waded straight in with the heavy drum and bass, which seemed to shock the crowd into action. Rather distressingly a number of Americans politely approached Will with requests for Black Eyed Peas, Outkast and even Britney Spears. I don't know what DJ they were listening to... or maybe they thought his giant red bag had tardis-like internal dimensions. Unfortunately, Will could not comply..."Ive got a No Diggity remix. OK?"

The set also became a showcase for Will's skill gathering a sizeable group of DJ whores behind the decks to check his style. This encouraged Will to pull out all the stops and show them how a real, vinyl DJ operates. Quite a spectacle.

2 o'clock came and Will was still spinning...then half two...then three. Where was the next DJ? Had he got lost on the way? It turned out he was lurking behind the scenes but was too polite/nervous to make his prescence obvious. Luckily Mike broke the ice and pointed out the fact that Will's set had lasted an hour longer than planned. What a shame. The changeover from decks to CDs (eergh) was completed leaving Will to schmooze with the congregation behind the decks. A success.

Day 2: After a day of sleeping, sunbathing and stocking up on supplies it was time to get the party started. The Saturday DJs were more lively, playing a more upbeat selection of tunes. Sadly the lack of vinyl DJs was disappointing but practical, due to the amount of sand floating about the decks!

Will followed another drum and bass DJ who played some great tunes but who's mixing was slightly dubious. Luckily he was also very generous and lent Will his awesome needles that kept locked to the groove. Thank you.

If Friday was the appetiser then Saturday was the main course with a slamming, do or die set that luckily moved the 400 strong crowd. Highlights include "The Way It Was" and "Ra" both creating a fantastic crowd reaction. The hour flew by but Will still managed to fit in an arsenal of killer tunes attracting a large and up for it crowd. Another good session hopefully securing Will's place at next year's party.

Thanks to Tiny Rich for the Photos and James Vincent for the text reproduced from "New Talent" Magazine.

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