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Congratulations Dj Yasa

Japan DMC Champion- Respect from DJ Willspin and www.willspin.com!!
Good luck with the DMC final in the UK!

Hi-C, Will, Yasa and Toshi. See you in England!


June 22nd "Mash Up" Part 6 @ Noon, Osaka

June 24th "Here's yellow sand in your face" Emi Birthday special @ Oasis, Osaka

June 25th "Tropicana" @ Zerro, Osaka
Chilled Sundays with Monkey, DON'T PANYK and Will Spin.


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Rinse Out has sold out !
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The new mix CD by Will Spin was released on 27th August 2005. It has now sold out!
The launch was at Flamingo Records in Fukui before moving on to Ride at Creme.
Check out launch pics here

Andy C Interview now online!
Thanks to Terumi from Kansai Scene Will Spin interviewed Andy C at Triangle, Osaka.
Click here to check out the interview with one of the worlds finest DJs.

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to listen to the latest Creme Live mix featuring new star MC Aoi. Click here to read the article "Breakbeat and Enter" by music journalist Sam Baldwin. Click here to read an interview with Will Spin in Japanese with Hokuriko Party Info. Scroll down the page. Click here to listen to the radio interview with Will on FM Fukui.

Some feedback:

"Will Spin, bigger than Mt. Fuji." -Sam "Badass" Baldwin

Yaa bai"- DJ 8Noize

"Your spin was very cool"

"Kick ass party the other night . Fucking fantastic. Lovin all the dNb shit all the way. A little heavier is good too, like the crazy dark industro german shit, but I mad dig yours too." -Ben Wiley "Coyote"

"(X Ray mix on Rinse Out) sounds amazin! look forward to 'earin ya next mix!!!" -Andy

"Nice work last Saturday. Well done my friend! I forgot how much I like good DnB." Shawn

"Will Spin did a set that blew me away. This guy fucking works! He mixes shit up in a hurry and it is TIGHT." James

If you want to get in contact with Will Spin or to book him for an event send e-mail to will@willspin.com

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